Terms and Conditions for Villa Almadria


Booking and Payment

  • Villa Almadria does not accept any credit cards or bank debit cards, no personal checks.

  • Cash only, Euro or HR Kuna.

  • All confirmed bookings need re-confirmation 14 days prior to arrival.

  • A down payment of 20% of your room is due upon Booking Confirmation and the rest in cash upon arrival-check in. You will receive an official invoice.


Residential Amenity, Property & Good Neighborly Behavior

  • The Visitor must comply with the By-Laws that apply to the property, engage in good neighborly behavior,  preserve the residential amenity and not be a nuisance or annoyance to adjoining or neighboring occupiers. (eg. Loud Music, TV, Telephone, and particularly noise should be kept to a minimum between 22:00 – 08:00 Hrs. 

  • The maximum number of persons that may be accommodated is specified in your booking confirmation. 

  • Excess persons will be required to vacate the property.

  • Damage to the room, or its contents will be charged to the persons occupying the room before check-out.

  • Please do not leave any form of Glass or Bottles outside on the room Terrace, and do not hang towels or bathing suits over the railings. Behind the house there are areas for drying your swim & beachwear.

  • The Visitor may not remove any of the furniture or effects from the property and will be liable for any furniture or effects damaged or missing from the property. Furniture must be returned to its original position.


General Conduct

  • The Visitor cannot smoke in the room.

  • The balcony and terraces all have smoking areas where ashtrays are found.

  • The Visitor is requested every time they depart the property to securely lock doors and windows, and switch off lighting, appliances and water to conserve resources and avoid damage.





  • Animals are not permitted. 

  • This property cannot accommodate wheelchairs.

  • Villa Almadria does not take children under the age of 16.

  • This is an adult only property.



Arrival, Departure & Keys & Lock Outs

  • Visitors receive their keys upon arrival once they have checked-in with their passport or Photo ID. 

  • The room must be vacated by the Visitor and keys returned to the Property Manager by 11:00 am on the Departure Date.

  • Visitors are responsible for keys (including access devices) and loss of keys and key/lock replacement costs will be passed

        on to the Visitor.

Privacy and General Law

  • Villa Almadria will not share your personal information with any third party, unless it is required to complete your booking,

       provide services to you or settle your account. 

Villa Almadria (the Property) is a privately owned residence, operating under Croat ion law and local county and civic statues.  All Guests, and/or members of the Guests’ party, expressly agree to and acknowledge that the owner and management of Villa Almadria (the Owner) is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, illness or any other liabilities that may arise or occur while the Guest or members of the Guest’s party are on the premises and/or using its facilities. 

The Owner is also not responsible for the loss of any and all personal belongings or valuables of Guest at the property.  

Guests staying at the property hereby also acknowledge and accept that there is no insurance coverage provided by the Owner or management of Villa Almadria, for their stay at the Property. Villa Almadria highly recommends all Guests and all members of Guest’s party obtain and secure travel insurance from their own sources and counsel, to meet their own specific requirements for insurance coverage, for travel to, within, and from Croatia.

The Villa is a luxury property and any misbehavior by Guests or members of Guests party, that is construed at the sole discretion and opinion of the Owner, to not be in keeping with the residence's operation as a luxury rental property, will not be tolerated. In such circumstances Guests and all in their party will be asked to immediately leave and vacate the Property with all of their belongings, and if necessary be removed from the premises along with their belongings, without refund of room rental fees.  Owner will have no responsibility for any replacement lodging or travel fees, local taxes, relocation expenses, and/or subsequent room rental fees.

By creating a reservation at Villa Almadria and/or staying at our property, you the Guest and any and all in your party, either cohabitants or visitors, expressly agree (the Agreement) to all of the above Terms and Conditions of Rental at Villa Almadria, and that you and all in your party expressly indemnify and hold harmless Villa Almadria's Owner, Management and Employees from any and all liabilities resulting from your stay at the Property and use of it's facilities, including but not limited to incidents of injury, illness, property damage or loss, mental or emotional duress, etc

If any provision of these Terms and Conditions and your Agreement thereto is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, all other Terms and Conditions remain valid and/or enforceable.  

Villa Almadria reserves the right to refuse accommodation & service to any Visitor that is not within the properties rules & regulations,

or has misconduct which is unacceptable or offensive.

24 Notice can - and will - be given at the owners discretion.